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New Message from Cristi Barbosu

(Capture from the sermon – Dec. 4, 2016)

Dear Ani and Mike


Here is an update on my condition. I just finished the first cycle of my treatment. Praise God and thank you for your prayers – I did not have any side effects. I could do it in Timisoara (45 min away) on a weekly basis, in a public hospital with many patients but having great opportunities to share the Gospel and pray with them. Praise God I did not get sick, as in many Romanian hospitals you do. I also started a complementary treatment to boost my immunity and minimize the side effects, which consists on a radical change of my diet (no meat, dairy, sugar, carbohydrates, gluten) – everything has to be organic and home-grown. Although it’s not easy to find naturally grown products in a supermarket era, we did find some farmers that produce only organic and no chemicals involved. I also take daily dozens of vitamins, essential oils, and some supplements, some which are not easy to find in Romania. I lost 14 kg (40 lbs) in 3 months, so I look like a GQ model :).


Throughout my treatment, I maintained a good level of energy and great spirit. Therefore my ministry continued as before, with the exception of not preaching or doing events and conferences in other places, because I have to be isolated from crowds. I was heavily involved in Harvest Open Door events, recruitment for our Church Planting Training Center and preaching every weekend. I wear masks everywhere I go and try not to shake hands or kiss (which is hard not to do it, on our part of the world :). Anne and girls are very supportive of me and they changed their diet too, to be an encouragement for me.


Now I interrupted my treatment for a month, in order for my body to recover of the first cycle of treatment which was like heavy artillery in the last 6 weeks. Around January 15th they will do another biopsy and tests to see if my cancer is in remission and how much. Depending on that result, they will prescribe for me the second cycle of my treatment and file again, to see if the government will cover those expenses. The first cycle of drugs and hospitalisation was paid by the government (aprox 2000 euro a day) which was a huge blessings. Please pray that the second cycle will be approved as well.


Right now I do a complementary treatment of 10 sessions through: intra-venous vitamin C, and ozone therapy – increasing the oxygen in my blood, as cancer cells hate oxygen. All of these are done in Timisoara which is great because otherwise, in specialized clinics in Germany or other parts of Europe I had to stay for 10-21 days of treatment and the prices range between $6000-10,000 dbut in TM I do it for 10 times less.



Now I am getting ready for Christmas and lots of ministry evaluations which will take place next week with our leaders.


Thank you for your messages of encouragement, prayers and thoughts. We see God working in our lives and through our lives. Actually our elders just told me that my sermons were so powerful this fall. I praise God for His Power manifested through this weak clay vessel of mine!


Fiona came here so we are happy. She is recording now for our 3rd worship album of our worship team. Thank you for calling her and helping her.


Have a blessed Christmas! God is good!





Cristian Barbosu


Lately a lot of people, some more forcefully, others more reticently, are searching for some explanation of either why they are going to vote for Donald Trump for President, or why they will not vote for Trump. Sure most of us are dismayed by the fact that the guy we favored was not selected as the final candidate, therefore we are now expected to vote for someone we did not care for at the beginning.
So alright, just like many of you, I had preferred Ted Cruz, who from my point of view has personal Christian principles that closely resemble my own. Unfortunately I was very disappointed with his attitude toward Donald Trump at the convention. He began to think more about himself than about the future of our country, and yes, the future of the world.

But the thing is, the American democratic process followed its natural course, and in the end most of the voters opted for Donald Trump [and in America the majority wins]. Sadly, a great number of Christian leaders supported Donald Trump from the start, and helped elect him. One might observe that this is the level to which our American Christian leaders have stooped, and we kind of have to just suck it up- – –
It seems like we are once again in the middle of choosing “the lesser of two evils”.
Some have already begun criticizing this “choice” and are encouraging people not to vote for at all. I believe that not voting at all is an act of cowardice and egotism which would be far more costly than if we just went ahead and voted for Donald Trump.

I am not going to tell anybody what they ought to do, but I know what I will do. So I will attempt to answer this question: WHY WILL I BE VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP?


But before I answer this I want you to think about a situation which will help us consider more deeply about what we will do with our vote. Keep in mind that any vote not given to Donald Trump, is a vote automatically given to his opponent. Knowing this then you realize that you have actually given your vote to Hillary. So come on and let’s be more serious and responsible than ever before about this election, because we have a vitally critical situation here!

Now, I live in Arizona. Here in our hot, sunny Sonoran Desert, to spend a full day without a drink of water is to find yourself on Death’s doorstep! Suppose for a moment that you get lost in Arizona’s desert. You are exhausted and thirsty, no water all day, and near death. While the agony of a cruel death begins to possess you, a stranger finds you and offers you his canteen of water. The water is warm and slightly murky because he filled the canteen in a muddy creek miles away, earlier in the day. He offers you this lifesaving drink. What do you do? Do you refuse it because you only drink filtered water with a lot of ice cubes, and only served in a crystal vessel, offered on a silver tray? It’s not perfect, but because it’s gonna save your life, will you drink it and stop being so fussy?

Well, at this point you do now, what under normal circumstances you ordinarily would not do.
Remember that America has been drawn down into a desperate condition, and if Hillary wins the White House, Christians will be saying “adios” to many of the religious liberties they now enjoy.
Religious freedom is the reason that I and many of you fled to the U.S.A. in the first place. We all know Hillary’s stated inclinations about religious freedom and the 1st Amendment.


You might feel that you are not sure just where Donald Trump stands, you feel that he is not perfect. But we will have a much better chance with him. At least he has never spoken against the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, but Hillary has. Let’s look at two aspects of this:

(A.) He has chosen a Christian to run as his Vice President, a man of outstanding character; look at his personal accomplishments in leading Indiana as its governor, where he proved himself as a true leader, and

(B.) He has assembled a counsel of Christian leaders (25 pastors) whose advice Donald Trump will seek, should he win the election.

So, the following four reasons are: WHY I WILL BE VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP:

1. Because America’s situation is critical, we have no other choices, and we cannot afford to lose another Presidential election!!
2. Listen. We are not choosing a pastor for our church. We are electing a President who must be the President of all the American people, not just the President of the Christians.
3. There are many instances in the Bible where God personally selected somebody, and still that person turned out to be less than perfect. Consider King Saul (Isn’t God capable of making a better choice?) Well of course God is, but He REGULI PENTRU ÎNAINTAREur own small part. For those of us who are too good for America, there are other places to go. But since we happen to be here, and since we all rejoice for the many years that we’ve enjoyed all kinds of the blessings we’ve enjoyed here, we clearly have a solemn moral obligation at this crossroads of history, each of us to do his part with dignity, also to continue to pray for this, our beloved United States of America, the country where many of us found refuge from the brutal oppression of Romanian communism.

May Donald Trump be strengthened and sustained by the prayers of the millions of Americans, and may he be lifted as he works for their good and for the good our country.
May God bless Donald Trump in his efforts for the people, may God bless each of you as you prepare to go out to vote, and May God bless America abundantly and forever.

With love,
Mike Olari

Norway acts like a ‘mafia’, breaks apart families

The Kiriş Family

Norway’s child welfare service, the Barnevernet, has not only intervened to restrict families’ parental rights, but also continues to forcibly take children away from their families with ‘little or no reason,’ often based on unfounded claims, according to a human rights lawyer

„Mother slices bread too thin. Too much soap is used for cleaning in the house; the child is harmed by that.

The family moved house too often. Changing homes twice in three years badly influenced the child. The family’s monthly income is insufficient.

The mother takes care of her daughter properly, but cannot pay the same attention to her son.”

The above statements are only several of the grounds that are shown by the Child Welfare Service of Norway (Barnavernet) to detach children from their families.

Families are scared. They are neither immigrants nor Norwegians. A police team might knock on their door at any moment and seize their children.

Norwegian human rights attorney Marius Reikaras and Sedef Mustafaoğlu, who could narrowly save her children thanks to a complete coincidence and return to Turkey, narrate and verify the abovementioned practices.

Turkey has been mentioning the tortures of the German Youth Office (Jugendamt) for years, but it has not been informed about what is going on in Norway. A few months ago, Pandora’s Box was opened when Halil Kiriş’s experiences were revealed. Upon that, the scandals in Norway started to be unveiled one by one. It turned out that the Kiriş’s experience was only a drop in the ocean.

The incident started when Kiriş’s 3-year-old daughter told her teacher at kindergarten about her dream influenced by the cartoon character the Hulk. The teacher interpreted the child’s fantasy world in a paranoid way and called experts from the Barnavernet. The child was seized and police officers detained Kiriş after raiding his workplace.

It is reminiscent of the „Twilight Zone.” Kiriş was kept under surveillance for three days and his demand for an attorney was not fulfilled. However, the longest surveillance period in Norway is 48 hours, and a demand by a lawyer must be fulfilled immediately. Kiriş arrived in Turkey by means of his lawyer after he was released. And with the intervention of Turkey’s Foreign Ministry and the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), the little child was returned to her family. According to reports, the kindergarten teacher was suspended from duty.

The Kiriş family is lucky to have saved their child. Marius Reikaras, who appeared in the television show „Avrupa’da Gündem” (Agenda in Europe) on ATV Europe last Sunday, has dozens of lawsuits similar to that instance. Some of them are being transferred to the European Court of Human Rights. In coming days he is to make a presentation on human right violations in Norway at the European Parliament.

Reikaras is an idealist legal expert who has devoted himself to this cause. He gets various threats. On one occasion, he was arrested for no reason and kept under surveillance for 30 days and his attorney’s license was also seized. He was acquitted and regained his license after his legal battle, but he says the threats are ongoing.

Reikaras said that since the Norwegian government signed the 1961 Vienna Convention, it has to inform the relevant countries about the ethnicity of the children it seizes, but it does not fulfill this duty. „Law is disregarded in Norway. The events befalling Kiriş are neither the first, nor the last instance,” Reikaras said.

The Barnavernet constantly watches immigrant citizens just like „Big Brother.” The immigrant families are always asked for a location notice in case they might send their children to their homelands.

Reikaras also gave two other very recent examples:

„I have a Syrian client. They phoned him and ordered him to deliver his children in two hours. The Syrian father had to surrender his children. He still has no idea about the cause. Another Norwegian family was raided by police while they were eating at a fast food restaurant with their three children. The reason in this case also is unknown. The police just took away the children.”

There are 1 million children under the age of 18 in Norway, and 60,000 of them have been seized by this institution. Actually, the cause of this is no different to Germany. The institution acts as an economic wheel that crushes children between its gears. But it can be asserted that the social department in Norway is far more merciless than the one in Germany. The reason for that is of course the profit obtained from this wheel, as the state pays 2.5 million krone ($325,500) per child to the Barnavernet. Consequently, thousands of officers working at the institution are paid thanks to the seized children. And when we consider that the social department authorities seizing children receives a 150,000 krone bonus payment per child, you can comprehend why seizing children has become that appealing. They even organize a feast for every seized child, which is also an indicator of that.

There is also the factor of foster parents. According to data, dramatic resemblances are often observed between the surnames of those selected as foster parents and of those working for the institution. Being a foster parent is also very appealing since annually 300,000 krone is paid per child to them. Some privileged families enjoy great prosperity by fostering three or four children.

But as mentioned above, insufficient family income is also shown as a ground for seizure. Sedef Mustafaoğlu is one of them. She was about to lose her children since she was underpaid and changed her residence two times.

„My salary was 16,000 krone. My husband was earning a little more. They laid their eyes on us. They came over and said that our income was insufficient. One of my children suffers from epilepsy. I had to show special care to him. One day they invited my 17-year-old daughter to the institution for an interview. I hesitated at first, but then I quickly packed my stuff and fled to Turkey. A few days later, a person at the institution whom I do not want to identify informed us that there was a file on us. If we had waited a little more, they would have seized our children. He even informed us on the content of the file. One of the reasons was that I made my epileptic son sleep in my bedroom. The real sick ones are the institution’s officers. I make my son sleep in my room in case something urgent happens at night since he is sick. Fortunately, I could escape them, but now I am afraid to return to Norway, which is my second home since I moved there when I was only 9 and spent 32 years of my life there.”

Mustafaoğlu said it would be better if they share some of the money they allocate for foster parents with the underpaid parents.

„Their actual motivation is different. An official mafia is operating here; a state mafia that abducts children.”

Meanwhile, a series of tragedies caused by foster parents are being observed:

One instance is the story of a girl named Ann Helen Nilsen, who was detached from her family when she was 15. The girl was given to a man, who was jailed on rape charges, to foster her, and hence she was exposed to violence and sexual assault for five years.

A 50-year-old woman fostering a 7-year-old child imposed violence on the child for years and stabbed his arms and legs many times.

A 16-year-old boy was caught and subjected to brute force by police while he was trying to escape to see his father. His father was kept in jail for three days for sharing the records of the violence imposed.

Hundreds of children were made victims of drugs and similar addictive substances while living in dormitories.

Some 944 people who grew up „under the tutelage of” Social Services Department sued Oslo Municipality for the negligence and violence they were subjected to by the institution between 2006 and 2008. Oslo Municipality was fined 562 million krone for compensation as a result of the case.

It was revealed that in 52 lawsuits opened since 2000, some 1,500 children were victimized and exposed to sexual abuse while they were under the auspices of the institution.

„If you work for human rights in Norway, anything can happen to you at any time,” Reikaras claimed. For this reason, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka of the Czech Republic, who harshly criticizes the Norwegian state for using Nazi methods on parents and children, proposed citizenship for him. Reikaras finally mentioned the mysterious death of Tor Bertelsen, a human rights attorney who was constantly under threat and whose attorney license was canceled.

„Unless other countries apply sanctions on Norway, ‘the threshold of democracy,’ and unless the country’s implementations are revealed, this barbarism will not end,” he said.


Adevarata Iertare

Considerăm că se impune republicarea acestui articol, datorită faptului că în ultimele zile am asistat la reacții care dovedesc faptul că lecția iertării nu a fost înțeleasă de toți. Eu cred că acesta este unul din cele mai practice mesaje pe subiectul iertării.

Mike Olari

Dacă simți că rugăciunile tale parca nu mai sunt ascultate, s-ar putea ca acest mesaj să te ajute să restabilești relația ta cu Dumnezeu și sa te poți bucura din nou, de răspuns la rugăciunile tale.

O predică, obligatoriu de ascultat pentru orice Credincios și nu numai.


Travis Hunt – acest frate și bun prieten – depune o mărturie extraordinară la Biserica Poarta Cerului din Timişoara, despre ceea ce înseamnă iertarea adevărată şi importanţa ei capitală în viaţa  fiecărui creştin. După ascultarea acestei predici, este imposibil sa mai rămâi la fel.

Îmi place tot odată cât de biblic este explicat acest subiect atât de important pentru mântuirea oricui. Va rog să o ascultați până la capăt. Merita, chiar dacă este un mesaj puțin mai lung.

Va doresc o ascultare binecuvântată.

[Click aici]

You Are a Glory Thief When……..

by Francois Giurgiu

Hebrews 3:3-6 For Jesus has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses—as much more glory as the builder of a house has more honor than the house itself. 4 (For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.) 5 Now Moses was faithful in all God’s house as a servant, to testify to the things that were to be spoken later, 6 but Christ is faithful over God’s house as a son. And we are his house if indeed we hold fast our confidence and our boasting in our hope.


Have you ever been robbed? Ever felt forgotten when something you feel you deserve goes to someone else? A job promotion or some recognition maybe? A parking spot that you’ve been waiting patiently for only to see it taken by a giant SUV coming in at the last second? Maybe even as silly as having a funny joke or wise saying that you thought of stolen and used by someone else to their glory? I’m sure at one point you have felt betrayed or overlooked in one way or another. Daily our pride is attacked when we fail to receive glory that we feel we deserve. Usually we speak up or take action when we are robbed of any glory we desire, because that is our sin nature. (1 John 2:16) But my question is this: Why are we so content with robbing our heavenly Father, creator of the universe, of his glory due? To whom glory ONLY belongs to. The only one that glory should be offered to. As Spurgeon says “there is room for only one glory in the universe.” I can affirm that it is perhaps one of the hardest struggles in the christian life to learn and live this sentence: “Not unto us, not unto us, but unto your name be the glory.” In this passage from Hebrews we see that even in our denial, or blind ignorance, we are all guilty of being being glory thieves and are in need of forgiveness daily. So lets take a moment to examine ourselves:


You are a glory thief when……

You exhalt more in who you are, instead of the reason you are who you are.(verse 3)

 In verse 3, we see that the builder of the house has more honor than the house itself. As children of God, we have been redeemed and changed from the inside out. A new creation. (2 Corinthians 5:17) Most of us have come a long way from who we used to be, before we had an encounter with Jesus. There is nothing wrong in recognizing our growth, or the progress we’ve made. But if you find yourself talking more about how beautiful the house is, as opposed to ascribing glory to the builder of the house, then you are not recognizing Christ. “Look at me! Look how I’ve grown!” Sound familiar?You are actually robbing glory that belongs to the author and finisher of our faith, to the one who began a good work in you and will be faithful to finish that good work to His glory. (Philippians 1:6)

You fail to recognize the sovereignty of God in ALL things.(verse 4)

God created all things and sustains all things through his Son. (Hebrews 1:1-3) When scripture says he is the builder of all things, it means just that. ALL THINGS. Everything comes from the Father an nothing takes place that surprises God. His wisdom is infinite and operates outside of time and space. (Psalm 139:1-6) So next time you think that something is a matter of luck or coincidence, you are denying the builder of His glory for already knowing, allowing, and even causing that to happen.

You think God is there to serve you, instead of you being created to worship and serve him.(verse 5)

Even Moses, as great a man he was, as great as his faith was(which is a gift from God to begin with having nothing to do with Moses), though being greatly used by God, was still considered a servant in God’s house. Not above God. Not above his master.(Matthew 10:24) God didn’t owe him anything for his faithfulness, God was not indebted to Moses in any way. Nor is God indebted to us nor owe us anything. God forgive us for thinking and living like this. How foolish of me to assume God owes me something for having devotions on consecutive days, or because I lead a small group. God will not share his glory with anyone nor anything. His glory is his character and nature, which cannot be attributed to anyone else but himself.(Isaiah 48:11) Think about Moses. Still a servant. Now think about yourself for a moment. Humbling….right?

Your hope is in yourself rather than Jesus, as the guarantee of your salvation.(verse 6)

This title, “Christ”, is mentioned here for the first time in Hebrews as the Greek equivalent of “Messiah.” You are not your savior. You are not your Messiah. Your works, your faithfulness, your actions, your good deeds, are not your hope.(Galatians 3:3) Much more, your lack of faith, dry seasons in life where you’re not bearing much fruit, times of disobedience are not your condemnation either.(2 Timothy 2:13). If you are like me and tend to fall to both extremes, then Jesus is not your focus, your glory. You are. We are to hold fast instead to the confidence we have in our ONLY hope. That hope is Jesus Christ. He is perfect, his obedience is perfect. He did the one thing we could never do or become; be our savior. He is seated at the right hand of God because the work is finished. All glory is due to His name.

Don’t be a glory thief. Just give God glory. He deserves it more than you think.

Grace and Peace,

Francois Giurgiu


Rarely if ever do we find ourselves in a situation where Jesus remains our focus even though our entourage includes some important persons, even unreachable superstars whom you would might see only on TV, or read about in the newspapers, but cannot reach them in any other way.

Well, I am going to tell you about such a superstar; a superstar who impressed, me and who, through his demeanor, gave us in our group a lesson in humility as rare as I have ever seen.

One of my sons, happened to attend one of the valley churches, where he met Tim Tebow and heard Tim’s testimony.

During his testimony in the church, one of the questions from the public, was this:

–        Tell us the one thing that had the greatest impact on your life?

This is Tim Tebow’s answer:

–        I was playing one of the decisive games for my team. It was the game that would decide whether we would be in the playoffs or not. I made a huge effort, reminding my teammates of our slogan, „Finish strong”. We won that game and after the game, the coach came up to me, hugged me, and told me these words: „I love you like a son. You did finish strong.” Those words touched my heart and gave me a strong spiritual meaning. Ever since that day, my coach’s remark has been following me, at every step. When I will meet my Savior, I know I’ll get more than a hug: I will have a conversation with the Savior and I hope to hear those words: “You have finished strong. And now my main concern is to not disappoint my Lord Jesus.

I heard this testimony last week and I have to confess I was very impressed, considering that it comes from a “mere football star”.

Well, this Sunday I was attending an American church where I usually go with my children on Sunday mornings. It is not a very large church, somewhere about 300-400 members. At first sight, nothing that would attract a big football star. Nevertheless, at some point during the service, I was told that Tim Tebow had walked into the church. I looked and was very surprised not only that it really was Tim Tebow, but that he sat down unobtrusively in the back, accompanied only by the family of church members who had brought him. There were no other celebrities, nor even the pastor of the church. I thought surely after the worship the pastor would introduce him and make a big thing out it. No such thing! Everything went as usual, thinking that the pastor hasn’t noticed him, even though the sanctuary is not very large, and not crowded. I was about to learn at the end of the service that the pastor DID notice him, but in his church JESUS is and must remain the only Superstar!

The service ended without a single word about this star of American football. Not only did Tim Tebow not make a big thing about his attending church (I know there are dozens of churches who invite him to speak, thus drawing attendance to them), but the pastor of this church displayed an exceptional maturity, wanting to keep Jesus the center of attention.

When the services ended. I was among the first one to walk into the entrance hall, shake hands and talk with him. He seemed very humble, and paid full attention to what I had to say. Our short conversation ended with a photo then he continued to take pictures with anybody asked him.

photo (1)

photo a

The thing I want to highlight is how God gives grace to the humble. If you remember – those who follow the sport, but not only – in the media was a big deal at that time about Tim Tebow’s success. Indeed some even ridiculed him because he wrote on the cheek “John 3:16″ playing an entire game with that little inscription on the cheeks. And then, after his team won, he knelt on the football field and thanked God in front of tens of thousands of spectators and millions of viewers. Praise God for such people who know how to be humble even when they have success after success, but are not ashamed to give all the glory to God. Tim is a true role model for us all.

The fact that Tim Tebow came unnoticed to the church, only to enjoy God’s presence; the quiet way he entered, and the fact that he agreed to have his picture taken with everyone that wished so, to me was an authentic act of humility.

Another lesson in humility was offered by the pastor, who did not take advantage of the presence of a super star to get publicity for the church. It’ s a lesson I wanted to share with you the readers of this article.

May the Lord help us all to learn to have such complete humility!

Mike Olari